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Flexible solutions for building your IP portfolio

You have a business plan. You have a technology roadmap. Does your IP strategy need work? We can help.

Our flexible billing arrangements, decades of legal experience, and technical proficiency all converge to provide great value for your IP investment.


Patent Applications

Like investigative journalism, writing a patent application requires a deep dive into the technology to get the full story and bring it to life.


Know the landscape. A prior art search can weed out unnecessary patent applications and strengthen the ones you decide to pursue.

Product Clearance

When searching for patents that may block your new product, we get your engineers involved early to drive down costs and improve outcomes. Then we back up our search results with authoritative analysis.


Competitor’s patent in your way? We scour the earth for prior art that can invalidate the patent. If we find that gem, we can help you seek relief at the Patent Office or in the courts.


You know IP is important, but what does it really mean for your business? Tap into our decades of legal experience to learn what’s likely to happen if you apply for, enforce, or run afoul of IP rights.


We have deep experience with selecting, acquiring and enforcing brands at the Trademark Office and in the courts.


We work with all types of businesses

We know the startup scene--we’re living it ourselves. Our virtual law firm structure keeps IP expenses under control so you can spend more on critical business and technology development. You get decades of experience and world-class IP counsel without the expensive conference room.

We provide a turnkey solution to businesses with no in-house IP counsel. We take care of the patents, trademarks and other intellectual property so you can focus on growing your business and technology. As your virtual in-house IP counsel, you can rely on our docketing and maintenance systems. We’ll even harvest disclosures and submit them to your IP committee at no additional cost.

Decades of law firm experience, now in a business-friendly virtual practice. Your CFO will love this! We’re your go-to firm for prosecution, clearance projects, opinion work, and Patent Office litigation. And if you’re open to new approaches, we’ve developed innovative techniques for integrating your engineers into our workflows to drive down costs and improve results.

You have a well-oiled machine that adds hundreds, even thousands, of patents to your portfolio every year. We know the drill: we do our homework, don’t waste inventors’ time, prepare multi-national claim sets, and get the LEDES codes right. End of quarter filing quotas? No problem--we thrive on short deadlines.

Designers get special treatment at our firm. We spent a few years with the IDSA gaining an appreciation for the people who brought design thinking to corporate America. We’re still in awe. Unfortunately, US law provides relatively weak IP protection for designs. But we think your rights are worth fighting for. We push the limits of design patents, trade dress and copyrights to give you the best chance of enforcement.

It’s not just tech transfer anymore. Universities are playing a more direct entrepreneurial role with business incubators/accelerators, collaborative research, and public-private funding programs. We have the legal, technical and business experience to help navigate the thorny IP issues that arise in these programs.


We work with a broad range of technologies that power our lives


Our mobile lifestyle is powered by Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 4G data. To most of us, these technologies are just icons on our smart phones and laptops. But it’s all made possible by a vast world of high-tech wizardry. We’re right at home in that world, getting patents on tuners, amplifiers, mixers, base-stations and all the other wireless technologies that make it all possible.

Software and Business Methods

It’s really difficult getting patents on software and business methods. The department that examines these applications at the Patent Office has a ten percent allowance rate. But we’re not giving up. We interview the examiners and analyze the published decisions, then use what we learn to write and prosecute applications in a way that improves their chances for allowance.


Semiconductors are the backbone of our digital world. We have vast experience protecting the design and fabrication of silicon chips for processors, RAM, flash drives, displays, power supplies, and every other device in our connected world.

Advanced Materials

Nanotech and atomic-scale engineering have opened up a boundless array of new materials with amazing properties. We help patent advanced composites and metals that end up in a wide range of products like biometric sensors and flexible displays.

Renewables and Clean Tech

Solar energy, wind power, and electric vehicles are developing at a rapid pace. We help protect the power converters, control systems and fast chargers that will enable these technologies to reach their full potential. We also build IP for businesses that pioneer solutions to industrial waste streams.

Power and Lighting

New buildings are filled with technologies that reduce energy use, improve comfort and connect to the surrounding world. We help patent lighting and energy control systems that integrate smart buildings right into the grid and your life.

Data Centers

The cloud runs on endless racks of servers filled with high-performance processors, memory and storage, all communicating through high-speed interconnects that move Terabytes of data at Gigabit speeds. We stay current on these technologies to give our clients an edge at the patent office.


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